Our Vision

To support a vibrant, rich and inspiring public education experience for the children of the Ojai Valley.

About OEF

Established in 1993, the Ojai Education Foundation (OEF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-based organization that serves as the "non-profit arm" of the Ojai Unified School District (OUSD).  OEF provides resources and volunteers to supplement or fully fund basic needs at our public K - 12 schools that no longer receive Federal, State or Local dollars.   

OEF supports strong programs initiated at school sites that will improve the learning environment, increase instructional effectiveness and enhance the educational experience for students and teachers. This includes classroom grants for teachers, fundamental technology and art resources for our students and more!

Our Board

We are directed by an independent, non-salaried board of volunteer community members.

Collaborative Partners

We work closely with our Advisory Board, which includes educators, community stakeholders, former OEF Board Members and other key influencers to help develop and guide our strategic plan. We also partner with several Ojai organizations including the Ojai Arts Center, Ojai Arts Commission, Ojai Valley Youth Foundation, The Arts Council, Rotary Clubs, Ventura County Community Foundation and other community organizations within and outside of Ojai in projects benefiting students.


OEF is supported exclusively by financial and in-kind contributions from private individuals as well as donations from the public sector both within and outside the Ojai Valley.

OEF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. To make a tax-deductible contribution to OEF, please go to Contribute.

2019 Board Members

Victoria Bortolussi, Co-President
Linda Burr, Secretary
Cam Campbell
Nan Davis, Co-President
Susan Leech, VP, Grants
Kirsten Martinez, Treasurer
Jessica Mendiola
Tiffany Morse, OUSD Superintendent
Judith Hale Norris
Salvador Rivera
Joyce Robinson
Maggie Rogers
Asli Ruf
Tiarzha Taylor
Anna Wagner, Vice President

2019 Advisory Board

Michael Addison
Caryn Bosson
Nicole Botti
Brett Bradigan
John Broesamle
Michael Caldwell
Phil Caruthers
Eileen Fay
Christine Golden
Lynne Goldfarb
Therese Hartmann
Carol Holly
Rikki Horne
Debbie Johnson
Dennis Jones
Tonya Peralta
Ronnie Rodriguez
Olga Singer
Lillian Tally
Cheryl Widders

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela

OEF Presidents

2019: Victoria Bortolussi & Nan Davis

2018 - 2019: Tiarzha Taylor

2017:  Therese Hartmann & Tiarzha Taylor

2012 - 2016:  Michael Addison

2011:  Debbie Johnson

2010:  Thayne Whipple

2008 - 2009:  Mike Caldwell

2006 - 2007:  Thayne Whipple

2000 - 2005:  Steve Jung

1998 - 1999:  Tim Williamson

1997:  Gary Erickson

1996:  Janice McCormick

1995:  Dr. Fran Merkely

1992 - 1995:  Don Cutler