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In honor of OEF’s 25th Anniversary, please consider a donation of $250 or $2,500!

Complete your Gift in 2 Easy Steps:

Step 1:  First, complete the "Donor Information Form" Below.

Step 2:  Then make your payment by clicking the yellow "Donate" button to pay by Debit / Credit card, or click the "Check" graphic below.

And see our 25th Anniversary Brochure below for more information about exclusive benefits for donations of $1,000 or more!

Step 1:
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Step 2:
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To complete your donation, pay by either:

Debit / Credit Card:  Click the yellow "Donate" button, or

Check:  Click the "Check" button, print the Donor Card, and mail the Donor Card and your check to OEF, P.O. Box 1769, Ojai, CA93024.


Your Impact

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, OEF has:

  • Raised over $1,000,000 to fund basic education needs not funded by Federal, State or Local dollars,

  • Provided over 200 teachers with Education Grants, and

  • Logged 1000s of volunteer hours

To support the Ojai Unified School District.  Donations have supported basic educational needs including:  Musical Instruments, Laptops, Art Supplies, Teacher Training, Science Equipment, Books and more!

Donor Benefits