OEF is pleased to offer grants to any OUSD Employee (Teacher or Staff) or OUSD Student who applies for funding that supports an innovative classroom initiative or curriculum, or addresses a major need at a school site(s), across a grade level, or in a specific academic area. Grants range from $100 - $3,000 or more for Employees, and up to $500 for Students.

The OEF Board will select Finalists from the pool of applications submitted from Employees with funding requests of $3,000 or more. Finalists are required to present their proposal to the OEF Board.

The number of applicants who are approved by the OEF Board to receive a grant, and the amount of the grant award, is based on several factors including available funding for grant awards.

OEF is seeking proposals for educational projects that demonstrate the powerful and positive impact of public education. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to submit proposals that are in alignment with OUSD Priority Areas: 1) Environmental Stewardship and Regeneration, 2)
Creativity and Arts, 3) Wellness (including mental, physical and emotional health), and
4) Cultivating a Culture of Inclusivity. Proposals that promote OUSD and include a local community outreach component are also preferred.

OEF will not fund grants for technology, equipment or furniture. The District requests OUSD Employees or Students seeking funding for these items work directly with the OUSD Operations Director to fulfill these requests.

Click button below to apply online. Proposals must include a project description, scope, the needs met, project timeline, impact, and budget including a list of items to be purchased.



October / November - Online grant applications for Employees and Students go live.

December - Applications Due.


January - OEF Grant Committee reviews applications. OEF Board notifies those applicants with proposals of $3,000 or more that were selected as Finalists.

February - Finalists present to OEF Board.

March - All Employee & Student applicants are notified. Grantees selected for 2020 - 21 School Year are announced.

April - Grantee Reception.

July - Funding Available for Grantees.

December - Funding Deadline for Grantees.

OUSD Employees (Teachers and Staff) may apply for grants in range from $100 - $3,000 or more. OEF has streamlined the grant process with only one application required for all Employee funding requests. Applicants selected as Finalists (from pool of applications with requests of $3,000 or more) will be required to present to the OEF Board.

Students may apply for grants of up to $500 to support their academic endeavors. Student Grants can be used for attending performances, training or classes, senior projects, student clubs, special field trips, guest speakers, service projects for the community or schools, or an enhancement to a class.